Our Features

Build high-performance, scalable risk models and analytics with answr

Leverage our API-based global climatic and risk data layers to build new or enhance your existing risk models and improve your decision-making and asset management.

Historical data

More that 40 years of processed historical Earth Observation data for building robust models.

Data fusion

Combination of satellite, weather and other geospatial data, downscaled to point level for providing localized underwriting information.

Data updating

Continuous data control and updates is the backbone of answr for maintaining quick access to high-quality data.


Seamless integration in any ERP, asset management, GIS platforms and other applications via API. API-driven development has become integral part to all modern applications and services.

Provide the geographic coordinates, and get in real-time climatic and risk data directly into your workflows and use cases.

Natural disasters

Available for every natural disaster including overheat, floods, windstorm, wildfires, drought and more.

Crop types

Information localized down to single parcel for every crop type.

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