Agrometeorological indicators from 1979 to present derived from reanalysis

This dataset contains daily surface meteorological data from 1979 to present for agricultural and ecological use cases. AgERA5 is based on the hourly ECMWF ERA5 data from ground level. Users can input this ready-processed data directly into their analyses and modelling. The dataset was tailored to match the input needs of most agricultural and ecological models.

Data were aggregated to daily time steps at the local time zone and corrected to a finer topography at a 0.1° spatial resolution. The correction was applied to the ERA5 dataset interpolated at 0.1° grid with variable-specific regression equations, which were trained on ECMWF's operational high-resolution atmospheric model (HRES). Using this method, the data is tuned to the finer topography, finer land use pattern, and finer land-sea delineation of the ECMWF HRES model.

This dataset is created as part of the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S).

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