Soil moisture

Gridded data from 1978 to present

This dataset contains soil moisture estimates with worldwide coverage from a variety of satellite sources. Based on the ESA Climate Change Initiative soil moisture version 03.3, it meets the requirements of the “Systematic observation requirements for satellite-based products for climate” by the Global Climate Observing System (CGOS). Data are presented on a standard latitude/longitude grid with some notable voids.

The CDR (Climate Data Records) and ICDR (interim-CDR) parts of each product were produced using the same methodology. The CDR provides the robustness for detecting climate variabilities and changes over time, whereas the ICDR provides access to recently collected while remaining consistent with the CDR baseline, but is not rigorously verified. The dataset contains the following data products: "active", "passive", and "combined". "Active" and "passive" are based on scatterometer and radiometer soil moisture products, while the "combined" product is based on a blend of the s two.

This dataset is created as part of the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S).

Variable NameUnitDescription

Volumetric soil moisture

m3 m3m^{3}\ m^{-3}

Content of liquid water in a surface soil layer of 2 to 5 cm depth expressed as m3 water per m3 soil.

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